L’intelligence artificielle au service de la maitrise de la chaine du froid

Artificial intelligence helping to manage cold chain logistics

Did you know that artificial intelligence can help optimise cold chain management?
is taking advantage of this technology to provide tools that will help you improve your analysis and decision-making processes.

Do you need to protect your shipments of thermosensitive products?
LAINPHARMA has created a deep neural network, capable of building a forecast and anticipating fluctuations in temperature.

Healthcare product distribution is a challenging and complex business. With DynaVision, LAINPHARMA offers you all the support you need.

As an innovative service provider, LAINPHARMA can also assist you with a variety of other tasks such as data analysis and product line risk assessment.

Thanks to its extensive cold chain expertise, LAINPHARMA can carry out audits to help you enhance your overall distribution processes and reduce the number of potentially non-compliant shipments.

The software, which was developed with the help of a deep learning algorithm, “predicts” how isothermal solutions will fare under the various environmental conditions experienced during transport and thereby assists you in choosing the best solution.

Illustration of the different steps when optimising cold chain

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